Our goal is to deliver your growing operation the HIGHEST PERFORMING Cannabis-plant nutritional and growth PRODUCTS, along with both technical and operational SUPPORT services.

Our portfolio has been created through 25 years of US and European SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE in research, development, horticulture and production. Through a multi-disciplinary scientific approach to our work, we have achieved a range of OPTIMAL products that achieve OPTIMIZED BUD YIELDS and that will enable YOU to produce plants with OPTIMIZED TRICHOMES mixtures targeted towards your intended pharmacological activity or area of research.

Our R&D in science and horticulture has focused and achieved products which constitute the HIGHEST QUALITY or GRADE of cannabis that is achievable when your growing operation is setup to reach OPTIMAL YIELD and MATURITY.

Our laboratory, production, quality operations, followed by our scientific and product service teams are coming on-board soon. Our existing consultancy team is currently active, working online and in the field with several specialist and licensed growing operations. These companies have supported this “Cannabis Crop Science” venture and so will remain exclusive partners until these projects conclude in around 3-6 months.

Let’s keep in touch so we can let you know when we launch.

Dr Glenn, Professor Weedle, OP-one & Meggalicious.